The Photo Shoot

Following a telephone consultation to establish timing and clothing, Andrew will photograph your chosen loved ones in his Montmorency home studio. At this time, to demonstrate your commitment, we ask for a $100 commencement deposit. 
Shooting in a mode that works with his painting style, Andrew's photo session is very simple and loads of fun. Gradually he gets to know the personality of his sitter and so will have the knowledge to be able to photograph their moods. The photo shoot generally lasts up to an hour and is over only when that special moment has been captured.

Your Photographs are displayed on our secure website

Following your portrait session your proofs are displayed on our secure website. Andrew asks that you select at least 4 images, to give him an idea of what you consider best demonstrates the personality of the sitter. We stress, this is just a guide for Andrew, as he doesn't know the sitter as well as you.

Your Family Treasure

Andrew will then commence your oil painting at the size (and therefore price) that you are most comfortable with. Occasionally we may ask the sitter to come back to the studio for a quick check of eye or skin colour or subtle reappraisal.

No Risk Guarantee

With our portrait paintings we have a no risk guarantee. When the artwork is unveiled, if for any reason you don't wish to purchase it, you have no obligation to do so. Your $100 deposit will be returned to you, no questions asked (We do however, reserve the right to exhibit and sell the artwork via an on-line gallery or any forthcoming exhibitions)

Ring us now! This no risk offer is for a limited time.

Your Investment

Our photo session is free. This includes your telephone consultation, and up to an hour photo session together with your black and white proofs  temporarily uploaded to our on-line gallery.

Our paintings range from $450 for a 11.5"x11.5" (295mm x 295mm) for head and shoulders only, and $950 for an 22"x22" (560mm x 560mm) at half length.

The black and white on-line proofs are yours to keep. These were shot as references for your painting, not as stand alone photos. They may or may not be up to Andrew's normal photo portrait quality.

Paintings take time

The paintings are in oil, so if you require them for a special occasion leave yourself time. Allow up to 6 weeks after your photo selection for delivery of your finished painting.

Special Bonus

Andrew also hand makes exquisite modern timber  floating frames.

Recommend Andrew to a friend, and if they confirm a sitting before your painting is delivered we will frame your painting for free.




AustinAustin Lucas_Andrew_Indiana_OilonLinen_41cmX41cm(16"X16")smallLucas_Andrew_Indiana_OilonLinen_41cmX41cm(16"X16")small Big_Red_Big_Red_ LexieLexie