The Art

Andrew Lucas Fine Art is about creating a personal piece of wall art that demonstrates the love of the family.

A museum quality oil painting, created by a genuine artist, captivates, charms and enchants.

Andrew's paintings capture the warmth and personality of the sitter and display them as a genuine piece of art that is appropriate to any wall.

The Artist

A degree in photography from RMIT in the late 1980’s saw Andrew enter the world of corporate and editorial photography. Picking up numerous gold and silver medals at the Australian professional photography awards evoked a gradual change in direction to primarily photographing portraits.

His career has now evolved to his original love of fine art portrait painting.

Creating an artwork that is shared and admired by your family and friends is indeed an honour for Andrew to undertake

The Studio

Set amid the gum trees of Montmorency, Andrew’s home studio is disturbed only by the laugh of kookaburras and the occasional screech of cockatoos in the nearby bush.

“A photographic and painting studio work well together”, says Andrew. “ My lighting is second to none, and is key to both forms of art. Good control of lighting lets me concentrate on expressions and relationships, and having fun.”

The Paintings

The painted portrait, once the most respected form of art, has gradually been replaced by the photographic portrait, and often, with the advent of the digital age, not very well.

Andrew is intent on resurrecting this traditional art form, and following two highly successful exhibitions of his portraits over recent years, is well on the way.

"My mission", says Andrew, "is to demonstrate the true worth of the painted portrait to those that have not necessarily been art lovers."